This is why The Cookie Complex

The earth is round. Most people agree on that. In theory, in a straight line all around the earth can be done. At least in theory.
In practice, you really can’t. On your path you will always encounter a mountain or a sea. But also boundaries that you cannot cross for whatever reason. Keeping a straight course is sometimes difficult because of the weather. Currents in the sea take you off course. As much as we want to walk the straight line, it is necessary to adapt to circumstances. So change is often necessary. And unavoidable phenomenon. Why The Cookie Complex?

Humanity only changes when it is inspired.

This website is intended as a platform to simulate change in favor of environmentally friendly living. We are convinced that people can and will change if they are inspired. The Cookie Complex is aware that voluntary change is only possible when you know how to inspire people. Transition as a natural process because there are benefits to it. Nature does not do otherwise. It is man who thinks and has the idea that it is better to stick to what one knows. It is also human nature to think that you can force other people to change. However, it has proven more effective to inspire mankind. That meets with much less resistance.

Through knowledge it can also be fun.

Yet it is necessary to stimulate transition. The undeniable changes in our environment is a glaring example of transition. Since it looks very much as if humans are playing a role in this transition, it is good that we become aware of how to begin a positive transition. Partly through awareness and partly through believing in ourselves it should be possible. Through knowledge it can also be fun. Through creativity it can also be positive. We have enough knowledge in the world to deal with a lot of things much more positively with the earth. However, the knowledge must be shared. Because sharing knowledge inspires others to the next good thing.

Hopefully you will experience The Cookie Complex as a source of inspiration and perhaps the website will shed a different light on things you did not know about. And may it stimulate your knowledge and creativity so that now or in the near future you will do beautiful service for yourself, your partner, your children, your family, your neighbors, society or the earth.


You can support The Cookie Complex with donations. I am very very happy with donations to keep this initiative alive. Please have a look at the support page…