Support The Cookie Complex

Support The Cookie Complex

You can support The Cookie Complex with donations or by purchasing any of our products in The Cookie Complex store. We very much welcome donations to keep this initiative going. It is not always easy to be funny or creative… well… ehhh, maybe.

The Cookie Complex Store

To get some income, we have created some products which you can buy in The Cookie Complex Store. Of course, the products are in line with the website. Also the production is according to the ideas of the website. For example, we don’t have any products in stock, but everything is produced Print On Demand. You order an item and shortly afterwards it is made and shipped. This way we avoid throwing away products that don’t sell. And when shipped, it is shipped in cardboard free of plastic.

The Cookie Complex Store is hosted at T-POP in France. The company operates according to the principles we like, with a commitment to the environment. Thea only use responsable materials.


Want to make a one-time small donation to support our work? Super you can use the PayPal module below.

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